We are a leading company in plastic scrap purchasing and selling with the highest standards for sorting, logistics and delivery of these materials. We deliver our services for suppliers and clients, both in domestic and international markets.


We cooperate with the main industry leaders in our region, managing their non-hazardous waste by collecting, sorting, transporting and treating them in our Segovia factory for their reuse as raw materials.


We provide cleaning and unblocking services for pipes, drains, manholes, sewers and septic tanks. Fosimpe has the technical equipment, expertise and qualified staff. We are available 24/7 every day.



Fosimpe se asocia al Proyecto RevaWaste.

Fosimpe ha participado como socio beneficiario del Proyecto Life - Revawaste, que se ha dedicado a la demostración de un sistema integral y sostenible para el reciclado y valorización de residuos múltiples.

Naturpellet Segovia firma patrocinio con Fosimpe.

La Junta Directiva del Club Naturpellet Segovia continúa trabajando para formar un equipo competitivo y, a su vez, sumando patrocinadores que formen un colchón económico para el club. En este caso ha sido la empresa segoviana Fosimpe la que ha llegado a un acuerdo con el club, depositando su confianza en él. Álvaro Fernández (Naturpellet SG) con Tomás Quintanilla (Fosimpe).

Fosimpe receives the Export Company of the Year Award.

Last November Fosimpe received the “Sello Real de Paños 2015” Award from the Segovia Chamber of Commerce. This award highlights Fosimpe’s leadership in the scrap plastic export industry, especially in Asian markets, as well as its contribution to environment protection by recycling. The distinction considered that Fosimpe has been exporting to many European and Asian markets, mainly China. “We are very excited about this award”, [...]

Chinese delegates visit Fosimpe.

A delegation of 15 plastic scrap recycling Chinese companies visited Fosimpe’s headquarters in Valverde del Majano last September. This visit was part of the 10-day European tour organized by CIQAR (China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association Reused and Recycling Branch) for 15 of the main industry leaders in China. They visited companies in Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain. One of the reasons why they chose [...]